Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review of "The Sister Exchange"

“The Sister Exchange”
Kevin McNamee

When Brianna tires of little sister Julianne always doing things she does, and always wanting to be with her, Brianna decides she wants to trade her in for a new sister. Going along with her, Brianna's mom calls the "Sister Exchange" to see who they can offer by way of trade. When Brianna is offered a sister who talks too much, she declines. The same happens with a sister who snores loudly, and one who has stinky feet. But, when Brianna is offered a sister who will want to play with her, do the things she does, and follow her, she excitedly accepts only to learn the sister they are offering is her own little sister, Julianne.

This story is another way of showing children that though they may think another sibling would be more fun, because the sibling they have may get on their nerves and drive them crazy, deep down they love who they have and really wouldn’t trade for anything.

Kit Grady’s illustrations add to this delightful story and will be enjoyed by every child who at one time or another has wanted to trade in their sibling(s).


  1. Awwww, Nancy, you are a natural! Great review for a great book!

  2. Nancy,
    What a delightful review. I have three sisters and I know exactly what it feels like to get on their nerves. Being the youngest of six children I was always picked on. I can surely relate to this cute story.

  3. Great review for this sweet story. Kids need to hear that they should be thankful for what they have.