Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review of "If I Could Be Anything"

“If I Could Be Anything”
Kevin McNamee
Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Mr. McNamee has penned a delightful rhyming tale that I’m sure everyone will relate to. Who among us has not wondered what life would be like if we were anything we could be?

Children always have these thoughts and wonder what life would be like if they were anyone else, especially one of their favorite animals. Mr. McNamee has shown that if we could be whatever we wanted, we are loved for who we are and who we are is what really matters.

Marina Movshina’s charming illustrations will touch your heart and make a perfect complement to Mr. McNamee’s text.


  1. I've got my pom poms waving over here cheering for you, Nancy. GREAT JOB! BRAVO!

    It's easy to write a great review when the book is GREAT! ;-)

  2. Dixie,
    You're such a goose!!! But you're right, it's easy to write a review for a good book and I'm sure Kevin's book will go places! Thanks for the cheers!

  3. Nancy,
    Well penned review. Keep up the good job.