Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm proud to say I've just sold ten autographed copies of my latest release, "Tiny Angel". How cool is that??? Thanks from the bottom of my heart for those who purchased a copy from me. I hope the children who read my book love it and please be sure to give me any feedback.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Wonderful Review of Tiny Angel

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review of Tiny Angel, by Nancy Carty Lepri

reviewed by Mayra Calvani

Things aren't looking too bright at the moment for 8-year old Macy. She's just moved into a new place, left her best friend behind, and in her new school there's a bully who makes her life miserable every chance he can get. But just when things can't seem to get any worse, she receives a visit from a special little friend: her very own guardian angel! This little angel is witty and has an attitude, and does her best to infuse Macy with strength and confidence. Finally an opportunity comes for Macy to prove herself at a bee spelling competition... Will she go for it and show everyone what she's made of, or succumb to her fear of success?

Tiny Angel is a well-written, delightful story that will entertain middle-grade girls. Macy, with all her doubts and insecurities, is a character young girls 8 and up will identify with. The story has a good message--there comes a time when we have to be bold and act in order to achieve our dreams--but it is not preachy; it's simply a good story about school, friends, being oneself, and achieving one's full potential. Highly recommended.

Tiny Angel
Chapbooks for Tweens
Author: Nancy Carty Lepri

Print ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-94-8 ; 1-935137-94-8
eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-95-5 ; 1-935137-95-6

When her dad is transferred to a new town, ten-year-old Macy Carver leaves behind her best friend and everything she knows. Suddenly she’s the new girl…alone and bullied. An unexpected flash announces guardian angel Jody, who teaches her how to fit in and become a forever friend.

Chapter 1

“Hey, chubbo quit hogging the sidewalk!” Kenny Thompson yanked the front of his bike off the ground, circled around eight-year-old Macy Carver, and stuck out his tongue.

“Don’t!” She yelled.

Kenny cut the bike’s front wheel, covering her with dirty water. Laughing, he sped toward school.

“Creepazoid!” Macy brushed mud from her jeans, which made a worse mess. Mud had splattered her favorite top. Tears filled her eyes. Stupid North Carolina! Why did her dad have to move here? She hated being the new kid in class.

Thanks to Kenny, the kids either ignored her or were mean. To make things worse, she had to sit next to him.

Sighing, she trudged on, hoping that Kenny would have sprouted huge warts on his nose at school.

The first bell rang. Macy walked to her desk and tripped over Kenny’s outstretched foot.

“Hey four-eyes.” He laughed at her. “Are you a klutzo, too? Aw, poor Macy—dirty and klutzy.”

Macy grabbed the side of her desk to keep from falling. She glared at Kenny, ready to stick out her tongue, but decided he didn’t need anything else to tease her about.

Biting her lip, she sat at her desk. She wanted to go home—fat lot of good that would do her. She knew she wouldn’t feel better there. (continued)

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My friend, Mayra's new children's book.."Humberto, the Bookworm Hamster"

Humberto is an antisocial little hamster… he’s totally addicted to books! His neighbors, the squirrel, the rabbit, the skunk, the hedgehog and the beaver want to become his friends, but Humberto doesn’t have time for them. He’s too busy reading! Then one day, disaster strikes and he must choose between saving his books and helping his soon-to-be friends.

"Humberto the Bookworm Hamster explores the joys of reading and friendship. Humberto's gift of imagination will delight children as much as his kindness towards others will inspire them."
–Cheryl Malandrinos, The Kids Book Connection

About the author:

Mayra Calvani is an award-winning multi-genre author for children and adults. A reviewer for more than a decade, she’s a regular contributor to Blogcritics Magazine and the Latino Books Examiner for She’s a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the CBI Clubhouse and the Children’s Writers Coaching Club.

Visit her website at

Purchase info:

Humberto the Bookworm Hamster
By Mayra Calvani
Illustrated by Kit Grady,
Guardian Angel Publishing
ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-92
ISBN 10: 1935137921
Copyright September 2009
24 pages
Ages 4-8

Thursday, November 12, 2009

When Macy Carver moves to a new town, leaving behind her best friend, Emily, and everything she knows and loves, she finds herself alone and the brunt of the class bully. Sad and lonely, she's surprised when Jody, her guardian angel unexpectedly shows up and knocks the bully on his butt. With Jody's help, Macy gains confidence to fit in and learns how to become a forever friend.

My children's book, Tiny Angel is now available through, Guardian Angel Publishing and other venues.

For those who read this., please let me know your thoughts and if you enjoy Macy and Jody.