Monday, July 5, 2010

Guardian Angel Publishing's July releases

BURGHER AND THE WOEBEGON An interactive "choose your own ending" chapter book about a gnome.

9781616330613; 1616330619; PRINT; Burgher and the Woebegone; Kim Chatel; Samantha Bell
9781616330620; 1616330627; eBOOK


LEARN THE BASICS OF COLOR with Professor HOOT. This basic book of colors is a must for budding artists.

9781616330637; 1616330635; PRINT; Learning the Basics of Color; a/a Eugene Ruble
9781616330644; 1616330643; eBOOK


EMILY, THE BRAVE Emily, a very brave little girl, had a sick heart, wrote to King Jesus who protected her. Her daddy loved her so much he didn’t care how people treated him just as long as his baby girl was okay.

9781616330651; 1616330651; PRINT; Emily, the Brave; Steve Fortosis w/as Doc McDuke; Michelle Morse
9781616330668; 161633066X; eBOOK


A SHORT TALE ABOUT A LONG TAIL Stanley Squirrel wants to be just like all the other squirrels but he can’t because he has an extra long tail.

9781616330675; 1616330678; PRINT; A Short Tale About a Long Tail; Marilee Crow; KC Snider
9781616330682; 1616330686; eBOOK


THE POTTY TRAIN Ben becomes a big boy on his potty after Pete the potty training conductor takes him on a whimsical train ride into Pottyland. ALL ABOARD!

978-1-61633- 043-9 1-61633-043- 0 The Potty Train; a/a Nikki Schaefer
978-1-61633- 044-6 1-61633-044- 9