Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's May...where have I been?

May is almost half over and it seems like it's rushing by. I've been busy though, so that's good. I polished my picture book and have it finished. I hope! Also, I have been cleaning out files, getting rid of "junk" and trying to ease up some space on my PC. In between doing that, I've been busy reading and writing reviews. Check out my latest at New York Journal of Books and Yesterday I managed to get about ten pages written on my sequel to "Tiny Angel" but with the way I'm going, it's anyone's guess when I'll finish it. Time seems to fly without my realizing it and I look up and it's another month. Geesh.

Anyway I just wanted to take a minute to say I'm still here but very busy. Hopefully the next time I post something, I'll have some good news, or at least something interesting.

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