Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

Can't believe April is rounding the corner and heading toward May.

I got some exciting mail Certificate of Registration from the Copyright Office came in! What a surprise that was, as I was informed it could take up to eighteen (18) months to get my copyright on "Tiny Angel"! I guess someone in Washington is doing their job! Wahoo!!!

Just spent four wonderful days with cousins Lorraine and Randy, and what fun we had. Ate out every day, went shopping and to museums and just talked, talked, talked. Art and I are so very fortunate to have these special family members in our lives and we hated to see them leave, but we treasured every minute together.

Now I have no excuse to keep me from my writing and need to get motivated to do some more work on my newest book as well as my reviews. If anyone has any suggestions for motivation, I'm ready, willing and able to accept them!

Cheers all.....

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