Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Touching Base

It's been a few days since I've written, so I thought I'd post something now before this blog got stale.

There's not really too much to post. I've been working on my newest book...both on the computer and in my mind. You know how you have those nights where you can't sleep? Well, that's the best time for me to brainstorm and decide what changes I'm going to make on my book. It's going a lot slower than I hoped, but between doing laundry, cooking and "taking care" of darling hubby, I get sidetracked easily. Not to mention when friends call or email and I have to answer right away, right?

The weather is still crappy here in central North Carolina. Where the heck is spring? I know it's technically still winter, but geesh, this is the south!

I've managed to read and write a few more reviews since my last entry on this blog. I've done "Between Friends" by Kristy Kiernan for "Affaire de Coeur's" March/April issue. Gave the book three stars...

Also read and reviewed "Remember Me" by Laura Moore for This is her first of the "Rosewood Trilogy" and a delightful read.

Then I've also done a private review for marketing purposes of Jill Bryne's memoir, "Step on a Crack" which reveals her life-long struggle with abuse and depression and how she managed to overcome her problems and lead a fulfilling life.

I have two more books to read and review for ReaderTo, then I will submit a review for the New York Journal of Books...this one will be a children's book. Hopefully with all these things going on, I'll be able to concentrate more on my writing and get more accomplished.


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